Frequently Asked Questions

When I apply, is my privacy protected?

Privacy is a serious and legal matter and we respect your privacy completely. Attached is our privacy policies.

Can anyone apply for finance?

You need to be working and over the age of 18 years old, however we accept all applications and will review and advise accordingly.

Can I buy a car privately or do I have to buy from a dealer?

Yes you can purchase privately and we are able to finance the purchase.

Can I get pre-approval before purchasing?

Yes we can definitely organise pre-approval for you.

How long does it take to get approved?

We can usually get you pre-approval within 2 hours

What is the interest rate going to be?

The interest rate applicable on the loan is dependent on the strength of the applicant

Is the interest rate fixed or variable?

The interest rates are fixed.

Can I pay the loan out early?

Yes, with all our loans you can pay them off early. However early termination fees may be payable depending on who you finance with.

How can I find out the payout figure?

Give us a call on 03 9556 0775 or complete our payout request online

Will I pay less interest if I payout my contract early?

Yes, interest is calculated daily, therefore the less you owe, the less interest you pay.

How do I get a good credit rating?

To get a good credit rating it is best if you stay in your loan for a minimum of 6 months and show a payment history that is early and on time.

How is the interest calculated?

Interest is calculated daily

Can I get a zero deposit approval?

Depending on your profile you may be eligible for a zero deposit approval.

What do I need to apply for a loan?

Privacy form signed, Medicare card, a Bank statement, drivers licence and payslips.

Do I need to have insurance on the car?

Yes whenever there is finance on a car you must have valid certificate of currency (insurance policy) covering you.

How old can the car be to finance? 

Most lenders have a condition where the car cannot be older than 12 years at the end of the term of your loan.

Can you find me the car of my dreams?

Yes we can work to find you the perfect car for your situation. Ring 03 9556 0775.

I have an international or overseas Drivers licence – can I apply for a car loan?

This can depend on the visa/PR conditions specific to you. Just call and ask

I am in Australia on an overseas visa – can I apply for a car loan?

Yes, although the term of your loan does need to end 3 months before the expiry of your visa.

What happens now my loan has been approved?

Just Organise a time for you to sign the documents and usually within 24hrs you can purchase

How do I apply?

EASY! You can apply online or call 1300 303 987 NOW