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Cheapest Cars to Buy, Own and Run

Buying a new car can be a great milestone.. but too often, young Australians are weighed down by insurance and petrol costs that aren’t discovered until after the purchase.

When buying a new or used car, it’s important that you ask all the right questions about your vehicle, before deciding whether it’s really something that you can afford.

Of course, finance providers like Save on Finance can help you with attaining quick and easy finance for your car, but usually it can be the running and maintenance costs that can catch car buyers off guard.

When you buy a quality car – new or used – you want to be sure that you know what you’re in for.

Cars ranked highly for low operating and service costs might be the best place to look if you’re searching for a cheap and cheerful car that won’t break the bank when it comes to maintaining your vehicle.

So who’s the winner?

It’s no surprise that smaller vehicles tend to take the crown when it comes to budget-friendly operating and maintenance costs.

One of Australia’s cheapest cars is also the most affordable to own and operate is the Suzuki Alto hatchback. With a price tag of just $11,990, the Alto Hatchback has topped the Australian Automobile Association’s annual “running costs survey” three years in a row, despite running on premium fuel. Other runners up were the Toyota Yaris and the Mazda 2 in the light car class.

RACQ features a more comprehensive list of running costs for popular vehicles in the market. Click here to learn more

Once you’ve got your ideal car in mind, you should always think about what happens once you get it on the road. Understanding which cars are most economical to run could save you lots in the long term. So make sure that you’re informed before you buy, and check out our quick tips for keeping car costs down.


Our quick tips for keeping car costs down


  • Before you visit a car dealership, make sure that you do your research! Check out car reviews on sites like CarsGuide, CarAdvice, WhichCar and Drive. The more sites you look through, the more likely you’re going to have a more holistic view on the car you’re about to commit to purchasing.


  • Always be aware of hidden costs that might be associated with your vehicle. Does your vehicle have a typically good resale price? Check sites like Redbook for a ballpark figure on what you can expect down the track when it comes to selling your car.


  • How much does your car cost to get serviced? Is it capped servicing? Or if your car is secondhand, is your car’s service history up to date? How big is your potential car’s petrol tank, and will it run on unleaded or premium fuel? Think about tyres, insurance, rego, stamp duty and spare parts when buying a car as well. It’s the things that you ask your salesmen about now that could have a better outcome for you in the long run.


  • Check out insurance websites for quotes on the car that you’re about to purchase (in comparison to its next best alternatives), and make sure that you have planned for these types of payments before you get your car on the road.


If you’ve done your research, and you think it’s time to get into that brand new car, call Save on Finance for quick and easy car loans on 1300 303 987 today.

SUVs dominating the car market in 2017

The new trend that’s driving car sales in 2017

Save on Finance SUVs

SUVs are experiencing steady growth with a 6.5% increase since 2016.

In 2017, new car sales were up to 92,754 vehicles, marking a 1.6% increase from 2016.

A steady rise in small and medium SUV sales are indicative of a changing dynamic, particularly amongst those Australian consumers with young families.

Unsurprisingly, the top 3 car brands for Australian consumers are Toyota, Mazda and Hyundai.

What’s the big deal with SUVs?

It seems that in recent years, the SUV market continues to steadily increase in popularity, marking an emerging trend in small-to-medium vehicle sales. The SUV market has grown over 5.6% in the past year alone.

But what’s actually driving the growth in this sector?

It seems that sport utility vehicles like the Toyota RAV4 (2460), the Hyundai Tucson (3741) and the Mazda CX5 (2487) are some of the best top-selling cars in their categories. In fact, these three models were the top 3 cars in the >$60,000 category.

Young mums with growing families have very much been key to the rising success of this segment.

Between grocery shopping, and picking up the kids from school and soccer, it seems that small and mid-sized SUVs have found a special place in the hearts of young mums all over Australia.

And we don’t expect this trend to be slowing down anytime soon! In fact, car manufacturers have picked up on growth in this segment, and will be increasing production in this field for 2018.

As a result, we can expect to be seeing more of these vehicles on our streets over the next 12 months!

Toyota still leading the way in volume car sales

It’s no surprise that Toyota is still a crowd favourite for Aussie consumers. Ranked highly amongst consumers for reliability and functionality, Toyota continues to be seen as the brand that simply gets the job done. With 24,546 new cars sold in 2017 (that’s nearly double the second place holder Mazda, who came in at 12,501 cars for the same period), the Japanese giant continues to place a firm hold on the Australian market.

The new Hyundai Tucson taking the market by storm

The Hyundai Tucson is dominating the market in 2017 with a whopping 3741 cars sold in June alone. This figure makes the Tucson the highest selling car in its segment for medium sized SUVs under $60,000.

Features such as Apple Car Play, the Easy to Get in smart tailgate feature and smart key with push start button have definitely been essential features contributing to the recent success of this medium-sized SUV.

Ready to get driving?

If you’re in the market for a new car, you’re not alone when it comes to finance. Save on Finance is dedicated to getting our customers on the road in their new car, with little fuss. Call us on 1300 303 987 for a no obligation quote.

Or for a quality range of secondhand vehicles, check out the extensive SUV range at Melbourne’s Cheapest Cars.

Found a great deal PRIVATELY?

Found a great deal PRIVATELY?


Private Sale Car Loans

Need a Car loan for a great deal from a private vendor?

Save on Finance can now help you organise Car Finance for all vehicles purchased privately. And at the same time, provide you with the best rates and superior service.

(Private Sale) Car Finance Options

So if you are looking for a Car Loan for private purposes or if you want to receive a tax benefit, here are the requirements to follow when buying a car privately….

  1. Call a Car Loan consultant at SAVE ON FINANCE on 1300 303 987 to organise Pre Approval
  2. Find a great bargain through a private seller or search online at for the car of your dreams.
  3. Once you have secured the purchase of the used vehicle, we will require the following documents:
  • Copy of the vehicle registration
  • Copy of the seller’s driver’s license and proof of bank details for where payment is to be deposited. Why is this required? This is to prevent fraudulent transactions and so funds are not placed in an incorrect account by the finance provider. Note: This is a requirement set by the finance provider and required before funds are transferred into the seller’s bank account.
  • Vehicle Inspection – We can organise the inspections. Not only does this cost you less but in most cases, Marshall Batteries will come to you. Cost of a Marshall inspection ONLY $175.00.
  • NOTE: We require a vehicle inspection certificate and not a mechanical certificate.
  1. Fax all requirements to 03 90992934
  2. SAVE ON FINANCE will prepare all the paperwork and will email or fax the Car Loan  documents for your inspection and signature(s)
  3. Again return to us or fax 03 90992934 with any additional supporting documents requested. Our finance manager will make sure everything is in order, at this point original documents can be posted to 648 South Rd Moorabbin VIC 3189
  4. Depending on the Car Loan Finance lender, we can settle on the faxed copies of the documents and overnight funds transfer to the seller’s bank account will occur.
  5. Confirmation of payment will be provided to all parties.
  6. Welcome to SAVE ON FINANCE, you can now drive your car knowing your finance has been taken care of by one of Australia’s leading Car Loan Finance brokers.

Need More Information?

If you would like more information on Private Sale Car Loans & Private Sale Car Finance, one of our experienced car finance managers can prepare you a tailored Car Finance package.

Call the team at SAVE ON FINANCE on 03 9556 0775 to get the ball rolling today or complete the friendly application form and we’ll get back to you shortly.

You have to be Competitive

Save on finance are very aware of the different options available and especially understand the pitfalls when some loan types can appear cheap. Rodger and his team are continually advising what the best loan is for everyone’s specific needs. Please call for unbiased free information on 1300 303 987

Used vehicle at lowest prices

Eddie Abelnica, Dealer Principal at Melbourne’s Cheapest Cars tells us with the Internet giving everyone the knowledge and ability to review more details than ever before, he is for ever chasing more and more vehicles and his customers are certainly taking advantage of our competitive loans, especially seeing approvals within 3-4 hours…