Car Finance & Loans


Consumer loans – it’s the most popular way to finance a vehicle and a flexible, easy fast way to process a car loan. You own the car with an agreed loan and security is over the vehicle.  At the end of the loan you own the vehicle. We can help with any vehicle you are looking for, privately or a Car dealership. Simple arrangements can be set up for weekly fortnightly and monthly payments and in most cases approvals within 24 hours

personal loans

Personal Loans – Personal loans are arranged by the lender with no formal security over your purchase. Personal finance is also referred to as unsecured loans. Unsecured personal loans can be spread over a 7 year term and used where the purpose of the loan is for home improvements, holidays or refinancing and consolidating several debts. It is Ideal for purchasing a vehicle outside normal lending circumstance. Suited to individuals, it can be more flexible with guidelines and loan is not secured against the vehicle. Tax advantages vary across all products

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